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Download Adguard Premium 3.0.297 Final APK with All Premium Features Unlocked

Adguard for Android Premium v3.0.297 Final (Block Ads Without Root) is a powerful and useful adblocker app for Android smartphone and tablet. It is one of the most advanced web filter and ad blocker in the world. Adgard presents you with strong and flexible protection that filters your web pages quickly and without your support. It will remove all the irritating advertisements, block dangerous websites at loading, and will not allow anyone to track your activity on the Internet.

Install Adguard: Installing Adguard is fast and smooth, and it takes care of all your configurations and updates. So, you just surf the Internet as usual. It protects your computer and does not change your web habits.

Filtering: Adguard uses local technology to filter ROOT traffic. After running the application, all of your Internet bandwidth filters will be done slowly and rapidly.

Defending and blocking: When preparing a web page, Adguard does several things at once:

1. Remove ads as well as online tracking code immediately from the page.
2. Indicate one page of phishing as well as malicious sites against our database.
3. Review Downloaded by Anonymous Resources.

Safety and convenience: After installing this app, you will be more healthy as well as safer with the Internet.

How to install Adguard software:

  • First, make sure the installation of the application is authorized by Android from unknown sources. Go to Device Settings, select Security or Applications (depending on device type) and select Unknown Sources.
  • Install the downloaded app.

Note: This app does not need to be rooted.

Adguard Premium 3.0.297 Final APK Download Links

Download Adguard Pro APK for Android 5 or latest – 27 MB

Download for Previous Android Version – 39 MB

Latest Version Changes

Adguard Premium version 3.0.297 of March 22, 2019
If you’ve been around the block, you know how we have it here: up goes the release, and the next day it’s hotfix time. No exceptions with AdGuard 3.0, there are some devices there have been problems with Wi-Fi calling, and some users reported updating issues.

[Fixed] Update from v2.12 messes up DNS settings;
[Fixed] Changing theme or language triggers problematic device notification;
[Fixed] Wi-Fi calling issues on LG phones.

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