Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v2.9.1 APK [Unlocked]

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v2.9.1 APK [Unlocked]Download Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v2.9.1 Unlocked App

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is a very useful app for Android that helps you to keep your eye safe. When we use any digital device display with more brightness and color, then most of the display harm our eyes. And like other display, when we use the phone with a long time then it can very harmful for our eyes. Here is the Bluelight Filter app that creates screen glare on your Android phone display. It reduces the blue color brightness of the display to keep eyes more safety as well as your night sleep. And here is the unlocked edition of Bluelight Filter for Eye Care app that you can download with ad-free experience. So, Download Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v2.9.1 Unlocked APK now for free.

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Blue light generated from your smartphone or tablet display causes strain on your eyes as well as prevents you from falling asleep easily at night. And this app adjusts your screen color to reduce the blue light as well as helps your eyes to relax, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

Features of Bluelight Filter for Eye Care App

  • This simple but effective app reduce the strain on your eyes easily.
  • It filters with natural color so you can read news, emails, and websites clearly.
  • It doesn’t dim the screen but adjusts the screen color.
  • This app is so easy to use, you can turn on or off with just one tap.
  • You can choose from 7 different filter colors.
  • And More…

This app is offered by Hardy-infinity on Google PlayStore with 4.3 average users rating and a large number of downloads. It works with Android 4.0 or the latest version.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care v2.9.1 Full APK Download

Latest Version Changes

  • Added AD option for users in Europe (Conform to GDPR)
  • Designed for Android P

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