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GameGuardian v8.61.2 APKDownload GameGuardian v8.61.2 APK for Android

GameGuardian is a game cheating app for Android. It allows you to cheat any games. Using this app you to convert different values in games (such as money and coins) to your desired level. This way, you can select a very high amount so you can use it during the game. Eg. if you play a game which currently have 1000 points and using this you can convert the 1000 points into whatever you want. And here is the latest version of GameGuardian app that you can download. So, Download GameGuardian v8.61.2 APK now for free and enjoy the game cheating.

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Features of GameGuardian App

  • Search the exact numbers with the exact number
  • Search the value of the game variable value, for example: bigger or smaller
  • Lock the game value with a fixed number
  • Save or load pre-managed lists
  • Change the game speed
  • Touching the app to apply tools throughout the game
  • Run on ARM and X86 devices
  • And More…

This app is developed by GameGuardian with millions of downloads.

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How to use Guardian Game:

  1. Run the GameGuardian application. When you run the program, you’ll see a semi-transparent icon on the screen.
  2. Run the game, then search for the amount you want to find. This amount can include money or anything.
  3. Press the icon in the tab, and then press the search key and press the desired number.
  4. Go back to the game and see the amount you want.
  5. Go back to the Guardian program again and search again to find the new value so that the results appear for you.
  6. If necessary, repeat Steps 4 and 5 several times to show the lowest number of results.
  7. After you find the amount you want in the app, long-click on it to change its value so that you can enter the amount you want.

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