Download Nox App Player v6.0.3.0 – Run Android inside Windows

Download Nox App Player v6.0.3.0Download Nox App Player v6.0.3.0 – Run Android inside Windows

The Nox App Player is an Android-based emulator software for Windows. Now run any Android app on a desktop computer that gives its users the ability to easily and easily install apps that are compatible with Android versions on their computer with the minimal use of system resources. This app is an Android simulator and is built on a custom virtual machine. With this program, there is no limit to the installation of the program and the game, because the amount of memory is as much as the free space of the drive of the installation location of the program. It lets you select the device type and choose the resolution and DPI you want, as well as the ability to connect to the gamepad and control the game. Keyboard typing, merging camera and microphone are the core functions of this software. So, Download Nox App Player v6.0.3.0 to Run Android Apps and game inside Windows.

Like the other Android Emulator, Nox App Player is also a custom virtual machine. It is developed on Android 4.4.2 kernel. With more custom features and reliability. The software adopts the UI of physical Android phones and tablets so, after start, there is little need for learning as long as you know how to operate a physical smartphone. you can also Download: Ubuntu v17.10.1 Desktop x64 + Server x86 / x64 ISO

Nox App Player v6.0.3.0 Download

Features of Nox App Player v6.0.3.0

  • Android environment simulator on Windows
  • It uses lower amount of Memory or Resource
  • Installing apps and games without limitations
  • Ability to select device type
  • You can also able to select resolution
  • Merge camera and microphone
  • Google Play Store Integrated
  • Supports I / O devices and gamepads
  • CPU / RAM customization
  • And …

The Google Play Store is a must have for android phones as well as for the android emulator. With it integrated upon installation, users simply download an app of their choice and experience smooth running. Nox App Player runs smoothly on Windows 10 computers. Considering that Windows 10 was just released on 29th July, this is really a quick move. It shows the development of the Nox team’s efficiency and tested development capabilities

Download Nox App Player v6.0.3.0

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