Wi-Fi Warden WPS Connect Unlocked APK

Wi-Fi Warden WPS Connect Unlocked APKDownload Wi-Fi Warden WPS Connect Full Unlocked APK

Wi-Fi Warden is a very useful Android app that helps you to analysis the WiFi connections. With the help of this app, you can see frequency, channel, modem manufacturer, encryption, security, distance to the router, power, name, and Mac address of wireless access points around you as well as show some information about connected devices to your network. In a word, this app is a WiFi analyzer with extra features. And here is the latest Unlock version of Wi-Fi Warden that you can download for free. Wi-Fi Warden WPS Connect Unlock edition comes with all features access as well as ad-free experience. So, Download Wi-Fi Warden WPS Connect Full Unlocked APK now for free.

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The most important advantage of using this app, there is no root access is required to use this app features for Android 5 or latest version. But you need root access for Android 4.4 or older version.

Features of Wi-Fi Warden WPS Connect

  • Connect with WPS Default Pin Generator (At least 15 PINs displayed)
  • WiFi analyzer (channel, Distance to the router, router manufacturer, encryption…)
  • Connection using passphrase
  • Password maker (Create strong passwords)
  • Password recovery (See saved WiFi passwords – requires root)
  • Port Scanner
  • WiFi channel scanner
  • Show connected devices to your network (Show name, mac, vendor, IP, count)
  • WiFi increased security guidelines.
  • And More…

This app is developed by Ramtin Ardeshiri on Google PlayStore with 4.5 average users rating. And it works with Android 4.0 or latest version.

Wi-Fi Warden WPS Connect Unlocked APK Download

Latest Version Changes

* Added missing Privacy Policy option to guide menu for other languages

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